First Aid

First Aid

by: David Gwilliam


The need to ensure that all visits have access to suitable emergency first aid is a vital part of all visits planning, and it is required that all visits for EYFS are accompanied but paediatric first-aid qualified adults. 

Making a judgement about the level of first-aid support needed for a visit can sometimes be a confusing question. Visit Leaders should balance the needs of the group, complexity of the activity and remoteness of the environment against the availability of adequate emergency care. 

Whilst all educational visits (and school classrooms) would ideally have first-aid trained members of staff, visits that have adequate cover provided by transport providers, venues and activity providers or access to emergency services may not need specific provision. 

More remote or adventurous visits would not have this immediate access to first-aid support and therefore will require staff to be trained to the required level. 


To enable schools to best support the learning of their pupils when away from the traditional classroom, North Yorkshire Outdoor Education offer two levels of first-aid training. 

Emergency First Aid at Work (Schools) is a one-day course specifically designed for school staff working with GROUPS of young people, and delivered with an “away from the classroom” focus. Visit Leader First Aid – North Yorkshire Outdoor Education 

For more complex activities or more remote locations Outdoor First Aid is more appropriate. A 16-hour course focussed on practical ways of managing medical incidents when away from support. This course also fulfils the requirements of most outdoor NGB qualifications. Outdoor First Aid – North Yorkshire Outdoor Education