Educational Visits – Start of Term Housekeeping

Start of Term Housekeeping 

by: educational visits


As we start the new academic year you will all be thinking about the exciting trips that your pupils are going to be engaging in whether this is a trip to the Battlefields, Bewerley Park, East Barnby, London or a venue in your Local Learning Area. We have come up with the following top tips/jobs to help ensure that your trips run smoothly. 

Evolve maintenance 

  • Check that the school contact details are correct 
  • Create Evolve accounts for new staff. n.b. staff accounts can be transferred between schools using the same LA Evolve site. Contact us for help with this. 
  • Don’t forget to disable accounts for staff who have left. 
  • Ensure staff contact details are correct. 
  • If you have an EVC account you can manage staff using the ‘Establishment Dashboard’. 


  • Check EVC, MiDAS, First Aid expiry dates and book revalidation courses. Click here to access our training courses. 
  • Arrange training for new staff. 

Policy and Procedures 

  • Review the schools Educational Visits Policy 
  • Ensure staff are familiar with the Educational Visits Policy 
  • Please ensure that all visits that are being submitted to the Educational Visits Team for checking have the following documents attached: 
  • A copy of the initial letter sent to parents/carers 
  • An outline/provisional itinerary 
  • If necessary, a risk assessment identifying the risks/hazards/control measures specific to the visit 
  • Review your Local Learning Area or contact us if you require help with this. 

Contact the Educational Visits team or 01609 797777 option 3